How it works

How it Works | Hire Happy
This page gives some information about how you can hire happy.


Starting a New Single Job Task

If you are new to us, the best way to hire a virtual assistant is to contact us by phone or to drop a quick email with a contact number so that we may phone you back at your convenience. We will then discuss the job and provide a quotation and estimated completion time.

Once you are used to our service you can provide details of work tasks by phone, post, email and/or file transfer depending on what is the best means of communication.

In all cases we require new requests for work by email so that we can enter it into our system. We will acknowledge tasks received during working hours.  We will then respond with a price and delivery time, which will form a contract under our terms and conditions. If for some reason you don’t receive a response you should get in touch as soon as possible to see if there was a problem.

Rates and Packages

Our rates start at the industry standard of £15.00 per hour.  However you can hire happy, either by the hour, project by project basis or on a retainer basis, the choice and flexibility is in your hands.

Job Completion

Please carefully check that the work has been done according to your requirements. We need you to let us know of any defects within 2 business days so that we may correct them.  We will issue an invoice 2 business days after the job is finally completed. Our payment terms are 7 working days after the invoice has been issued.


We will at all times keep your data secure and at no time will it be discussed with third parties unless required as part of the task and agreed beforehand by the client.

  • Provide details of work tasks by phone, post, email and/or file transfer.
  • We acknowledge with a fixed price and estimated delivery.
  • We deliver and send you an invoice.
  • Upload files via an encrypted data service.
  • Hire happy by the hour, per project or on a retainer basis.
  • Reliable and confidential service.