Can Virtual Competitors Collaborate?

There is a simple answer to this and it’s of course we can, why not?

Many would choose not to risk a collaboration in fear that they may loose custom to their competitors, however I wholeheartedly feel that a collaborative approach can only be a good thing, here’s why:

So think about it, at this moment you’re in your office, with one computer and one knowledge base. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you could take on additional projects, larger projects, which you would’ve otherwise had to turn down?

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The benefits of working for yourself…

It was early in 2015, that I decided that I was big enough, and ugly enough to “go it alone”.  Stepping out from the comforts of employment was huge.  However I am grateful that I done it, as stepping out from the constraint’s and hindrance of employment, liberated me.

For many working from home, can sound horrific, being stuck in a room, for hours on end without any interaction from colleagues.  I find working virtually from my own home office empowering, diverse and challenging. I certainly don’t feel as though I am boxed in.  I see more people now, than I ever did before.  I engage and interact with a diverse range of people, including collaborative virtual assistants, clients, networking peers and such like.

The humdrum of being constrained to working a 9-5 job will surely have to evolve?  The road infrastructure, for one is screaming to me that it cannot take the rat race anymore.

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