The benefits of working for yourself…

It was early in 2015, that I decided that I was big enough, and ugly enough to “go it alone”.  Stepping out from the comforts of employment was huge.  However I am grateful that I done it, as stepping out from the constraint’s and hindrance of employment, liberated me.

For many working from home, can sound horrific, being stuck in a room, for hours on end without any interaction from colleagues.  I find working virtually from my own home office empowering, diverse and challenging. I certainly don’t feel as though I am boxed in.  I see more people now, than I ever did before.  I engage and interact with a diverse range of people, including collaborative virtual assistants, clients, networking peers and such like.

The humdrum of being constrained to working a 9-5 job will surely have to evolve?  The road infrastructure, for one is screaming to me that it cannot take the rat race anymore.

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Can a V.A help my business?

Can a V.A help my business?

There is a multitude of ways where a virtual assistant can help your business grow, or indeed start.  You will firstly need to assess exactly which skills you have and which skills you need to hire in?  Or which areas you feel your business needs assistance.

You could ask an experienced Executive Virtual Assistant to do a Business health check, this would enable you to know exactly where your business is and where you want to take it, more importantly in what timescale and how you intend to do this. In essence this business plan is what you will need to ensure you keep your business on the right track.

“Plan the work – Work the plan”

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a V.A?

V.A. is an acronym for Virtual Assistant.

N.B Personal Assistant that works from their own premises (virtually). They would be a self-employed sole trader, freelancer, or possibly operate as a multi V.A. Company.

Virtual assistants are can also go under the guise of V.P.A (Virtual Personal Assistant), E.V.A (Executive Virtual Assistant), Online Assistant, Online Admin Assistant, just to name a few!

Virtual Assistants offer a flexible way of working and have a multitude of skills including administrative, finance and bookkeeping, start up support, marketing and sales along with event and trade show management and PR expertise.   The experience and expertise will vary from one assistant to another. Continue reading

So it continues

EllieThere seems to be so much to prepare for, the original month has turned into a buffer of three months now, I figure this will be the optimum time to also hand my notice in at work and “go it alone” so to speak!

However I cannot wait for the time, that I will venture into the unknown world of business ownership, and be have the ability to help like minded business’ grow and project their company into 2015, just for a start.

As “E.V.A” – Executive Virtual Assistant, I will of course be  doing all the things that I love to do, including;

  • Marketing
  • Event Management & Organisation
  • Travel Planning & Booking
  • PR

I cannot wait to put my exemplary customer service skills to the test as I really enjoy not only what I do, but seeing other business’ grow as a stepping stone from my services.

Happy by nature – you can be assured of that.