Steps to get your business ready for the Christmas holidays.

No one wants to spend Christmas working if you don’t have to, so start getting everything in order now. If you are one of these companies that ramps down rather than up during the Christmas season, then here are some tips to make the Christmas shutdown easier.

Keeping relationships good with suppliers and customers alike is a great achievement. Send Christmas cards to your key clients, you may not have enough money for a gift, but it’s the little “thank you” that counts.

If you have employees, don’t forget some Christmas cheer, arrange a small party for lunch, then give them all the rest of the day off.

Ensure you have paid your suppliers, there’s nothing more damaging than an outstanding invoice over Christmas. Likewise, chase unpaid invoices (politely) so you don’t need to hassle them over Christmas. It’s not just the end of the month it’s the end of the year, so spend time now to make sure everything is in order.

Get your accounts up-to-date there’s nothing worse than going back to the office in January with the deadline looming. Get everything in order, it’s counterproductive and demoralising to wait.

Make sure your customers know exactly when you will shut down or indeed reopen again. There is nothing worse and less professional than “not knowing” Prepare your Christmas message on your website, your email out of office message and even your telephone answering service. Detail your opening hours and wish your customers a great Christmas.

Find out which of your suppliers are open over the holidays; will you need IT assistance for instance?

Turn everything off, if you have an office, ensure the fridge is cleaned and the lights and heating is off, the last thing you want to come back into is a large bill in January!

Most importantly:

This is a time to recharge and take time out.   So use the time wisely, as 2016 is sure to be a very productive and busy year.

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