Can Virtual Competitors Collaborate?

There is a simple answer to this and it’s of course we can, why not?

Many would choose not to risk a collaboration in fear that they may loose custom to their competitors, however I wholeheartedly feel that a collaborative approach can only be a good thing, here’s why:

So think about it, at this moment you’re in your office, with one computer and one knowledge base. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you could take on additional projects, larger projects, which you would’ve otherwise had to turn down?

By offering shared resource and expertise, you have a broader range of skills along with an improved offering. The expertise of not one, but many. The chance of reciprocal work increases thus developing your business and reputation.

  • Offering new or improved services
  • Extended knowledge
  • Reciprocal working arrangements
  • Rapid activity turnaround
  • Achieve more
  • Greater range of recommended & trusted suppliers

Collaboration doesn’t work for everyone. Not everyone believes and trusts that it could work. However in the early stages of self employment, or growing a business, I believe collaboration is the key to success, you work as a virtual team, each growing as businesses and individuals.

If you decide that collaboration is the way forward you will need to be open and honest, you will need to have a firm set of clear and agreed mutual benefits it’s your living after all.

It is essential for you to have a written agreement, which is signed by each party. Once all parties are happy with the work collaboration, the only way is up. Good luck for those that will try it.

Please email me and tell me your experiences. I would love to hear from you, and hear how you make it work.

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