Can a V.A help my business?

Can a V.A help my business?

There is a multitude of ways where a virtual assistant can help your business grow, or indeed start.  You will firstly need to assess exactly which skills you have and which skills you need to hire in?  Or which areas you feel your business needs assistance.

You could ask an experienced Executive Virtual Assistant to do a Business health check, this would enable you to know exactly where your business is and where you want to take it, more importantly in what timescale and how you intend to do this. In essence this business plan is what you will need to ensure you keep your business on the right track.

“Plan the work – Work the plan”

Once you have established what your business needs, you are then able to find the most suitable person to help you achieve this. You could employee an assistant, however this could be restrictive and your “plan” may get overlooked with general day-to-day tasks.

Your spare time (evenings and weekends) is a valuable thing, you can’t get it back once its gone, so take control of it, plan your time.  You will soon find that the more balanced your “you time” is, the more effective you will become in your business. Can you afford not to? Time is ticking.

So with this in mind, think of all your to-do’s start with your need to-dos and follow up with would like to-dos.

In essence one VA or a multitude of VA’s can do everything on this list for you.  Yes a multitude, more than one, two or more, why not? Hire in as little or as much time as your business requires.

Most V.A’s offer a basic administrative package as standard, that’s where the similarities end, there are a multitude of tasks and services a virtual assistant can offer, I have listed most of them below, please get in touch if you know of any other services.

Admin:  Data entry, diary management, email organisation, telephone answering, research, appointment booking, customer service support, mystery shopping with feedback reports.

Virtual telephone answering services:  Your very own PA, answering calls in your company name.

Personnel and HR:  Creates recruitment advertisement, places ads, receives and reviews resumes, schedules interviews, verifies past employment, calls references, and reports findings.

Business health checks & new start-up support:  Business plans, marketing plans, start up stationery pack.

Events:  Exhibitions organisation, exhibition management, exhibition staff, exhibition training, conferences, meetings, product launches, parties,

Travel:  Sales incentives researched and booked. Hotel, flights, car hire, all booked and organised, produced and delivered in a comprehensive travel itinerary.

Marketing:  Blog content, press releases, Email strategy plans, posters, flyers, competitor analysis, direct mail, email campaigns, advertisement placement.

Digital Marketing:  Maintaining websites, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media set up, social media monitoring, social customer service.

Graphic Design:  Logo design, brand refresh, website design, email design, banner design, vehicle graphics.

Company Communications:  Newsletters, posters, emails and events.

Bookkeeping and Accountancy:  An experienced bookkeeper is invaluable to your company; being in control of your cash flow is a fundamental part of your business.

Personal and lifestyle concierge:  Party planning, listing items on Ebay, sourcing, wrapping and sending gifts, sports & theatre tickets booked.

So you can see, no matter what you have on your list there are highly experienced, professional people out there that you can contract on a job-to-job basis. Saving you money by getting the services you need but at a fraction of cost.

Can a VA help your business?  I‘m sure the answer will be yes.

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