What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a V.A?

V.A. is an acronym for Virtual Assistant.

N.B Personal Assistant that works from their own premises (virtually). They would be a self-employed sole trader, freelancer, or possibly operate as a multi V.A. Company.

Virtual assistants are can also go under the guise of V.P.A (Virtual Personal Assistant), E.V.A (Executive Virtual Assistant), Online Assistant, Online Admin Assistant, just to name a few!

Virtual Assistants offer a flexible way of working and have a multitude of skills including administrative, finance and bookkeeping, start up support, marketing and sales along with event and trade show management and PR expertise.   The experience and expertise will vary from one assistant to another.

The “virtual” services of an assistant, will mean that they can literally be based anywhere in the world. This may be something to consider if you have a UK company. Will you be able to contact your assistant whenever you like, or will there be at time difference to take into account?

It is estimated that there are many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide, mainly in the U.S and Australia. Virtual service’s is certainly a growing industry within the U.K.  This is due to the flexibility of the job, appealing to highly skilled and trained parents, giving the ability to work flexibly from anywhere.

Working Virtually will soon become “the norm”.


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