The Start…

I didn’t think that I would ever set up my own business.  It’s far too scary, the fear of the unknown.

Yes I know I am capable and also extremely good at what I do, but the question is; Can I do it on my own, without the support network of a large company?

My first reason for leaving a perfectly good job in the warm blanket of employment, might seem completely ludicrous, however I have some super ideas that simply don’t fit into the box that I should stay in (so to speak)!  Along with not being heard and not having the feeling of empowerment to do what I do best.

So the leap of faith has to happen.  I’m not talking about a high rope course here, or indeed religion, although I have been told that being your own boss is like a high ropes adventure.  A tough climb up to the top with some tricky turns, obstacles and daring drops either side that could see you plummet to the ground.

So my question to myself is; Do you have the nerve Ellie?

My answer; YES, I can and I will do this, so lets see where this journey takes me…


Ellie 🙂

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